Hey, Dale here from SelfPublishingwithDale.com.

You may know me from my YouTube channel.

BackBookCovers.com is intended for the cash-strapped indie author. Let’s face it, book covers are expensive. You can get an eBook cover for a fairly affordable rate, but when you consider adding paperback, hardback, dust covers, and the like, it gets expensive.

What if you could create these book cover variations yourself and keep your bottom line at an affordable level?

This was the idea that spawned BackBookCovers.com.

I could have charge for these as they cost me quite a bit to create, but that’s not the goal of this project. I’m on a mission. That mission is to provide independent authors and self-publishers with affordable solutions for creating, marketing, and selling their books.

To that end, I’ve created BackBookCovers.com, but that’s not all. If you haven’t heard about Book Rescue, you should definitely check it out. Book Rescue works with indie author candidates who have completed an application process. We assess their current catalog and course-correct their marketing efforts to help them sell more books.

The amazing thing about Book Rescue is that it also helps viewers like yourself duplicate the success of the candidates by showing you exactly what is being down and how it’s being done.

If you find BackBookCovers.com helpful, be sure to reach out and let us know. If the feedback is positive, we’ll be adding many more resources to this project.